Pasta by Alfredo (Tuna, Peas, and Pasta Oh My!)

mmmhmmmmm goood

Whether you are rock climbing, backcountry skiing/boarding, or just simply camping, Pasta by Alfredo will warm the soul.

Pasta by Alfredo contains tuna, peas, bowtie pasta, and Alfredo sauce.  This is intended as a camping meal, though I don't suggest it as a regular home meal, I guess I will allow it and you can do it.  Oh and sorry for my lack of measurements.  When you camp measurements go out the window.  What you will need...
Serves 2-4 hungry dudes (probably will serve more, gets us pretty stuffed)

ETA about 20 mins

1 lbs of Pasta (I like making it with Bowtie pasta) 2 cans of tuna (chicken of the sea stuff with the tab lids for easy access)
Substitute: can sub out the tuna for chicken if you are not a fish fan.  Have done both and it is just as good.
1 can of peas
1 jar of Alfredo sauce
1 medium cooking pot (pretty standard)
1 burner
1 butane/propane tank
2-4 forks (unless you want to share, not cute)

Start by filling the pot 3/4 of the way with water, put burner on high, bringing it to a boil.  Once reaching a boil throw in as much pasta you want.  I usually throw it all in because the people I'm with are usually starving.  Bring to boil again stirring occasionally, making sure pasta does not stick to pot.  Taste pasta every so often to make sure it does not get too soft.  The idea is to get it al dente or "firm but not hard".  Once you got it like that, drain water out of the pot and add the alfredo sauce and tuna to the pasta in the pot.  Heat on medium, stirring sometimes,  until the sauce is hot.  Open can of peas draining the water out of it by leaving a small piece of the top of the can attached.  Add the peas to the concoction.  Done!  Serve it up bro, share the wealth!

Now, I am not guaranteeing this is the best meal you will have but I can guarantee it is really good while camping/climbing/etc.  From a nutrition stand point it has every thing you need to recover and wake up feeling good with pasta (carbs), tuna (protein), peas (essential vitamins), and Alfredo sauce (fat).  I generally have a weak stomach and this will not mess it up.

Enjoy this meal on your next trip, it is so easy and does make a hefty amount of food.

Meet the Author:
Steve W Weiss: Snowboarder, Climber, Beer drinker...oh and Blogger.  Cleveland-native who moved West to Utah to fulfill a life of mountain fun.  Keep up with me on my Twitter or Facebook!

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