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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mammut Realization Shorts (Harness) Tested & Reviewed

I am aware that the video is pretty long, but for a harness that is $200 I think that it is justified. If you are spending this kind of money on a harness you better get what you want.  For a quick review, I provided pros/cons bullet points below the video.

Sizing: I'm 6' 165lbs and where a medium...it fits perfect
Use: 30+ days sport & gym climbing, two multipitch routes

+ Comfortable
One of the most comfortable harnesses I have had. Hangdogging is no problem and doesn't ride up.

+ Bomber Short Material
The shorts are a breathable, durable, and stretchy fabric. It is a perfect balance that gives you enough stretch for high feet but won't tear if caught on sharp objects.

+ No smell
Don't know if they had this planned when developing them, but I have not washed these at all and there is absolutely no smell at all.

+ Grab 'n' Go
I love that I can just grab these when I'm
in a rush or climbing after work.

+ Sizing
Fits perfect. Might just be me though.

A little tight.
- Not enough gear loops
One more gear loop would help keep my gear a little more organized

- Tie-in is a bit small
With slings, rope, and belay (if you rappel) it is a tight squeeze.

- Cinch
Just not a fan of it. Not a deal breaker though.

Recommended Use:
Sport & gym use
Take n grab use (like after work)

Overall, I really like this harness. Being $200, it would be tough to justify this purchase without first trying it, but after testing it, I would say that you get what you pay for. It gives you everything that you would want/need in a sport/gym harness that many $150-200 harnesses don't provide.

To purchase check out: Mammut.com
Or the specific product page here: Realization Short

Meet the Author:
Steve W Weiss: Snowboarder, Climber, Beer drinker...oh and Blogger.  Cleveland-native who moved West to Utah to fulfill a life of mountain fun.  Keep up with me on my Twitter or Facebook! Have new posts sent to your email!


  1. I think you definitely need to try these out at the bar. So you can have a 100% complete product review of course ;)

    1. I think wearing them to the bar is a whole-nother level. I'd feel weird I think, but at least I'd be comfortable.

    2. I'm with you Haley. And we need photos of the event.

    3. I need a photographer to follow me on that one. I don't think the self shot will do.

    4. I would happily be the photographer. Might be the highlight of my year :)

    5. I don't doubt it. Embarrassing for me, enjoyment for everyone else.

  2. Interesting. I didn't even know these existed.

    1. They have been out in Europe for about a year now and many (most) of the Mammut athletes have been wearing them. BUT this will be the first year that they are out in the States. Exciting times.



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