Stouts Mountain

It is a peak I have not thought about a whole lot until my ski partner said they wanted to do it. This is a little odd because as you drive into Idaho it is the most obvious and skiable looking peak you see to the West.

From afar it looks steep but once in the zone, you are welcomed to a plethora of mellow options that has great potential for an afternoon start powder day.

In hindsight, we went up there too late in the season but it was still good skiing. We started at a pull out with a dirt service road that, we think, is for accessing the power lines along the highway. We started skinning on sparse snow and later would be booting up (more like scrambling) a dirt pile and loose debris and rock. We hit snow line on the ridge at 7400' and started to skin again.

This way took quite awhile but it was a mellow jaunt that included rollers all along the way. A little annoying but the ridge to the North looked steeper and rocky. I still think it was better to go the way we went, but maybe at a time more in the heart of Winter the Northern ridge would be better. To get back to the car I, because I was the only one who brought shoes, had to walk the 2 miles back to where we parked. I could do without the extra 30 minute walk, so I need to figure out a better parking spot. 

Start: 9:30am
End: 2:00pm

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