Waterfalls Canyon

Friday came around, like it always does and I was hoping to get out and do something a little different. I am glad I texted Cody during the day because his reply was what I was looking for, "Come out to Waterfalls Canyon tonight. We camped out last night and skied Ranger Peak. Probably going to try for something different."

See what I mean? Totally what I was looking for. Sure, I have never winter camped before, but the temperatures were only ducking down to about 23 degrees so I figured I would be fine. For some comparison, back in January the temperatures average, at times, around -15 degrees. So 23 degrees is toasty.

After packing and heading out to Colter Bay, in the northern part of the Grand Teton National Park, I made it to where I would start skinning across Jackson Lake (~4 miles) to reach where (I think) they are camping. Taking about 2 hours with stars above me, I make it to where they are, set up camp and set an alarm for 4am. Stoke is high for the ski, not so much for the sleep.

 The abridged version:
Sleeping was awful. My +20 sleeping bag was not enough even when I wore all of my layers. Waking up at 4am and throwing my feet in cold ski boots is certainly one way to wake up when others are reaching for a cup of coffee.

Not a whole lot to say about the skin in, other than we made it, skied this line and skied out. Cody and Pat (the other guy) ended up skiing another line as I was cooked from everything so I sat that one out.

The less abridged version in photos:

Camp for the night.

First "light".

Lots of random chutes and couloirs all through the canyon, this is just one.

The real first light.

Sunrise in Waterfall Canyon looking over Jackson Lake.

Conditions were interesting. Sometimes punchy.

Terrain photo.

The wall of skiing. We skiied the one on the far left. Much steeper than expected.

Better view.

View from the top of the backside of Mt Moran. Cody took this photo and the wind was so strong he almost blew over the side. Not literally, but the wind was gusty to say the least.

The boys second objective of the day. They are bottom right in frame.

 The view from Colter Bay 4 miles across a lake. Looks a lot closer, but it ain't.

Just a fox waiting for ice fishermen to throw away the fish guts.

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