Bivouac Peak

With a friend coming into town that enjoys Ironman's and basically doing anything that does not really make a whole lot of logical sense, I thought I would suggest making a days push to ski Bivouac Peak. There is a beautiful couloir off the Southeast side that begs to be skied.

Waking up at 4am after a night of beers and cheese steaks, I have never been so spaced out to ski something. at about 4:30am we made our way to Colter Bay to skin across Jackson Lake in one push. I was in a complete haze. I would not really feel like myself until about sunrise at 7am, but on the upside we would not even be near our objective until sunrise anyway because we had a 7 mile skin across the lake. The week before I skinned 4 miles across the lake easily so this should have been a breeze.

Well it was not. It sucked. Like really sucked. 4 hours of suck.

We got across the lake and up-and-down too many rollers to count and reached the base of the peak witnessing falling rock and ice from above into the tight choke of run with weather coming in from above. It was a recipe for a disaster so in the end we bailed.

Crossing back over the lake I kept doubting if we made the right decision. Then about ten minutes from the car, it started to rain. Yes, we made the right decision.

Crossing the Jackson Lake at first light. (P: Logan)
 First decent view of Bivy Peak.

 Route finding over creeks is a little harder in the Spring. This one is still solid.
 Just under the line.

 Weather rolling in from the south.

 Logan under the line, basically saying no way.

 The line.

The view into the storm.

...and the view on the other side. Stoke is high to get back across, 7 miles. (P: Logan)

Just a fox hanging out at Colter Bay.

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