Sawtooths, Idaho: Fishhook Yurt

The Sawtooths, Idaho; only 5 hours away from Jackson and reminiscent of the Tetons, but shorter, is a place I have been looking into for at least three years now. I finally got a group together and headed just south of Stanley, Idaho to live the yurt life for the second time this season.

Getting out there we were driving through a storm from Jackson, over Teton Pass and just getting into Idaho. We did not see snow again until we were within a hundred feet of the yurt.

And that is pretty much how the week went. It snowed a little bit, accompanied by high wind which created sketchy conditions above 9000 feet. For the little skiing that we did, it was good, but I would have loved to get onto some of the bigger lines around the area.

You win some, you lose some. At least we got to see some great wilderness and it is never bad to get away from work for a bit.

 Hot tub

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