Y Couloir

With it being the off-season, and what seems to be an on-and-off shoulder season in Jackson where my schedule does not line up with quality weather days to ski big lines, I thought I would take a short, weekend trip to Salt Lake.

We had made plans initially to ski either Twins Peak or Coalpit Headwall. We decided on the latter the night before. Getting a 5am start, we started hiking on dry ground to a creek crossing before reaching the mouth of the Y couloir. The plan would be to take the Y Couloir, hike the ridge up, and drop into Coalpit Headwall.

Booting up the Y we reached the just shy of the summit with higher temperatures than expected. Also, when looking around the corner to Coalpit, we saw the wall was completely socked in leading us to decide to just drop the Y.

In hindsight, I am glad we did. The exit out of Coalpit looked barren and dry. Making for a long walk out nothing short of miserable. The Y on the other hand was a short bushwhack, creek crossing then back to the car for some beers.

 Creek crossing across an icy log
 Slightly choked up down below

 Clouds rolled in and out all day

 Slashing a turn (P: Logan Julian)
A perfectly straight cloud line

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